Got An Empty Cereal Box? You Can Easily Make A Slick Star Wars Costume

If you haven’t outgrown your love of Halloween, but don’t have as much time as you’d like to dedicate to designing an awesome costume, Steve Wintercroft has got your back. On his site you’ll find a bunch of patterns for easy but detailed Halloween masks, including this stormtrooper getup that surprisingly detailed for being made from an empty cereal box.

The $US9 kit includes a printable pattern and assembly instructions, but everything else is left up to you. You’ll need to supply a few empty cereal boxes, some glue to adhere the pattern before trimming the cardboard pieces to size, and enough clear tape to hold the entire thing together. All-in-all the project should take about four hours to complete, which is perfect for a drawn out Monday afternoon at work. [Wintercroft Masks via Taxi]