Google Glass Is Now Banned From Cinemas Across The US

Google Glass Is Now Banned From Movie Theatres Across the U.S.

Google Glass is often viewed with disdain in public spaces, and now that includes the cinema. The Motion Picture Association of America and the National Association of Theater Owners have decided to ban the device and its ilk from cinemas in the US.

The pair have instigated a "zero-tolerance" rule that bans "wearable recording devices". In truth, they don't get much more specific than that, but it clearly includes Google's Glass and could, perhaps, at a stretch even mean that smartwatches with a camera are banned too. (Although, recording a film with your watch sounds a little impractical.)

Apparently, theatre staff won't automatically whip your smart glasses off as you reach the box office; rather, they will invoke the rule if they believe you're trying to pirate the movie. But you should certainly not wear them during the showing — as ushers will apparently kick you out on sight.

All of this raises one question though: Who the hell would watch a move pirated using Google Glass? [NATO via Hollywood Reporter via Engadget]



    Good..! It makes shitful CamRipps..! :)

      Have people actually done that?

        Heh..! Not a fan myself, so not sure about Glass, but CamRips are definitely a thing, a horrible eyesore of a thing..! :)

        Last edited 31/10/14 5:18 pm

    Oh well, i guess ill have to pass on the crappy cam version and wait till i can pirate the blu-ray instead.

    How inconvenient!

    This is where Hollywood has no idea. Instead of those rich arseholes spending their money on multi million dollar mansions. private jets, million dollar cars and 200' yachts they should be investing in technology that makes screens impossible to film. But no they will harass the consumer. Guess what dickheads, we will have 4k cameras in our phones, watches, glasses and belly buttons before long. Try stopping that. WAKE UP HOLLYWOOD...

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