Find Your Rural Town's Mobile Black Spots With This Handy Map

Between December 2013 and August this year, the Federal Government took notes on mobile network black spots around the country, accepting nominations from individuals, businesses, councils and state governments. That list of black spots now numbers over 6000, despite not including any metropolitan areas.

Business Insider Australia has the story behind the map, which comes to us via the government's Department of Communications. The majority of the locations listed on the map are in outer metropolitan areas — likely because "major urban centres" like Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane were ineligible — but regional and remote locales are also listed.

Those areas apparently have zero mobile coverage, and as part of their inclusion in the database, are eligible to receive new or update mobile network base stations as part of the Coalition government's $100 million telecommunications black spot program, which it pledged to complete should it win government in the 2013 election. That could mean another 250 to 300 mobile base stations in these areas to improve coverage — with most of the work done in partnership with telcos, but with $20 million earmarked for helping remote communities set up towers directly.

The map itself remains open for viewing, as does the government's database for your black spot suggestions or clarifications, until October 15. [Business Insider Australia]

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