Fake LED Flames Indicate How Hot Samsung’s New Induction Stove Gets

Induction stove tops might be more energy-efficient than electric or gas burners, but many chefs miss the obvious visual cues about what temperature they’re cooking at — a red-hot burner is hard to misinterpret. So for its new Chef Collection Induction Slide-in Range, Samsung is introducing a clever new feature that uses LEDs to project fake flickering flames onto the side of a pot.

The faux-flames aren’t just for show either. Samsung’s Virtual Flame Technology uses a ring of blue LEDs embedded below the glass cooktop to cast the flame-like glow, and the brightness indicates how hot the induction burner has been set. The brighter the flames get, the more heat is being applied to what you’re cooking. It’s a simple trick that’s surprisingly functional for when you’re hectically bustling around the kitchen.

There’s some fun technology inside the Chef Collection Induction Slide-in Range’s 5.8 cubic foot oven too. Using a removable divider it can be split into two separate upper and lower sections, each with a different temperature for cooking multiple dishes at once. And the two sections remained sealed to prevent strong flavours from one dish infiltrating another. Understandably, you’ll be paying a premium for what sounds like the Rolls Royce of kitchen appliances, and the Chef Collection Induction Slide-in Range is available now for $US3700. [Samsung]