Dodo Has FetchTV Now

Dodo Has FetchTV Now

In a bid to not be left behind by the IPTV revolution, Aussie internet service provider Dodo has added FetchTV to its product line up. Here’s what you’ll pay.

For those not familiar with FetchTV, it’s a set-top box that plugs into your router and delivers IPTV content from the likes of the Disney Channel, BBC World News, CNBC, Bloomberg, E!, MTV, SyFy, Al Jazeera, National Geographic and ESPN into your home over your broadband connection. It’s currently sold through a seven different ISPs in Australia, including Adam Internet, iiNet and Internode to name a few, with Dodo now bringing the total number of ISP providers up the eight.

Dodo’s FetchTV offer is actually pretty competitive, with the ISP offering FetchTV’s Lite package for $0 per month on its two unlimited broadband plans.

Dodo’s unlimited plans come in two sizes: $39.90 per month and $59.90 per month, and both will allow you to bundle the FetchTV Lite offering in for $0. That “$0” offer comes after a $69 set-up fee and a delivery charge for the hardware, mind you.

FetchTV’s Entertainment Plus package will run you an extra $30 per month on Dodo, which gets you 30 extra channels and five free movie rentals per month.

If you’re interested in getting FetchTV through an ISP, you can shop around thanks to some great link work from Fetch on its purchase page. [Dodo]