Dob In Derpy Drivers With Dashcams, Queensland Police Urge

Do you use a dashcam? Caught any footage of drivers breaking road rules or hooning about up the Top End? The Queensland Police want your footage to prosecute dangerous drivers.

That's right! Your dash- or helmet-mounted GoPro is the Queensland Police Force's latest crime-fighting weapon on the roads.

Head of the Gold Coast Policing Unit, Senior Sergeant Braydon Murphy told the ABC that dangerous drivers need to be taken off the roads, and video evidence presented in court proceedings is the best way to get it done.

So if you see a dangerous driver, what's the best way you can get the Rozzers onto them? The Police have told the ABC that you're best to stick your evidence on a USB and hand it into a road policing unit.

The only problem is that you may have to attend court at the same time as the evidence is presented saying you were on the road at the time the footage was captured. According to the Police, that's the main drawback to getting convictions right now. [ABC]

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