Compressing Containers Squeeze The Air Out Of Your Stored Food

Anyone who’s squeezed every last molecule of air out of a Ziploc bag full of leftovers knows that food lasts longer that way. But instead of man-handling a plastic bag, or buying some kind of vacuum contraption to get the air out, consider upgrading your canisters to Prepara’s new Evak line which features a manual piston to eradicate O2.

Available in 227g and 454g capacities (an odd way to measure volume) for $US20 and $US25 respectively, the lids on these canisters features a handle and an automatic twin-valve system that forces out air as you push them down, and lets it back in as you pull them out. There’s no buttons to push, no pumps to squeeze, or no valves to manually release. The lids also work to compress the food, ensuring you get out as much air as possible without crushing your dry goods. [Prepara via The Green Head]