ChooseMyPC Picks The Perfect Machine For Any Budget

ChooseMyPC Picks The Perfect Machine For Any Budget

Need a new PC? If you build it yourself, you’ll save money and get a more powerful system at the same time — as long you know how to put it all together, of course. If you do, but don’t know exactly which parts to buy, ChooseMyPC has you covered.

The idea behind ChooseMyPC is simple enough. Set a dollar value, choose from a couple of additional options, and then click the magic button — then the site does its work and recommends you a PC build suited to your spending potential. The default value is for $1000 — in Australian dollars, of course — and the pricing data is pulled from PCPartPicker, keeping everything up to date with current street prices.

Apart from the dollar value, you can pick one of three options related to overclocking — if you definitely want to wring some extra power from the machine, whether you’d like the potential to do so in the future, or whether you’re not especially bothered about it. Overclocking becomes a viable option as you spend more — if you’re trying to cheap out, the site warns when a system isn’t suitable for overclocking and for when a CPU or GPU upgrade would make more sense.

Spend more than $840 and you get an Intel CPU rather than an AMD; nudge past $1100 or so and you start to upgrade the graphics card from the default Nvidia GeForce 760 to a 770, Radeon R9 290, and so on. Above the $1050 point, the default system starts to include a solid-state drive — a Crucial M500, the lesser sibling of the equally good value Crucial MX100. Go all out with a $3000 build, and you’ll find yourself equipped with liquid CPU cooling for your Intel quad-core i7, twin GeForce 780s, all in the beautiful Fractal Design Arc Midi R2.

The parts list seems to be updated regularly to hit a good compromise between price and performance; no GTX 980s in there at the moment, for example, but if you’re searching for a good value system there are more rational choices available. If you’re only a little clued up about which parts to buy for your new PC build, ChooseMyPC seems to be a great place to start.

And, of course, if you want a little more info about the reasoning behind any of the parts in your customised list, you can hover over for a quick hint or visit the Build Guide for a more in-depth explanation. [ChooseMyPC]