Catch Up On The Sci-Fi Culture You’re Missing With Blade Runner

I have a confession to make: despite writing stuff about tech on the internet for a couple years now, and despite making poorly-worded references to it in hastily-written ledes, I’ve never actually watched Blade Runner, which is (as I am informed by my incredulous friends and colleagues) the seminal sci-fi film.

Blade Runner is cited as not only being a good film, but leaving a lasting legacy on sci-fi culture: it was voted the best sci-fi film of all time by a group of scientists, and heck, just searching Gizmodo for ‘Blade Runner’ gives you a whole laundry list of articles. For the last few years I’ve just kind of nodded along, pretending to understand references to blasters and basically labelling any kind of dystopian futuristic city as ‘blade runner-y’. But the longer I do that, the higher the chance that someone’s going to pop up in the comments and label me as an uninformed dick.

So tonight, I’m planning on hitting the couch, cold one firmly grasped in one hand, popcorn in the other, and hopefully getting my mind blown. If you haven’t seen it before (or you just want to relive Harrison Ford’s glory days), I recommend you do the same. $US3 to rent on the movie-streaming platform of your choice.

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