Can You Get Handoff To Work In OS X Yosemite?

Can You Get Handoff To Work In OS X Yosemite?

When Apple first announced OS X Yosemite, Handoff was one of the features I was most excited about. And then this week, when the Yosemite update arrived, I was stoked to use it. Unfortunately, I can’t — and not just because of compatibility issues either.

Handoff simply doesn’t work with my iMac and iPhone. It also doesn’t work for several other colleagues with similar setups. We all have pretty new devices that feature the precious Bluetooth 4.0 needed for Handoff, and we all have Handoff enabled in Settings.

The problem appeared to be a Bluetooth connectivity issue, at first. But after following every troubleshooting advice I could find — including removing all Bluetooth devices from my iMac, deleting the Bluetooth preferences file and restarting the machine — Apple told me on a support call that “it should just work automatically”.

It does not.

I’ve given up on Handoff for now. Just one of my coworkers was able to get it working. But I wonder: Who else is having inexplicable problems with Handoff? Apple never could tell me why it wasn’t working. Are you having similar problems?

Let me know in the comments. Also, make sure your devices are indeed Handoff-compatible, before you go pulling your hair out like I’ve been doing.