Can You Detect The Stealth Animals Hiding In All These Pictures?

Can you see it? Hiding in plain sight there are two of the most stealthy creatures in the animal kingdom, almost impossible to detect. Thanks to the wonders of natural selection, these and other animals can avoid most predators and perpetuate their species. See if you can spot them all:

The two birds on that dead trunk are tawny frogmouths, a frogmouth species native to Australia, who look like this when they are not posing:

Here’s another one:

And another:

This is not a tawny frogmouth, but it has a frog mouth (because it is a toad):

Here’s another toad:

I’m still trying to detect it myself, to be honest. Maybe you can see them better here:

This owl is much easier to spot, but just because you are actually looking for it. In the open you won’t be able to detect it unless you were an expert field biologist.

Same with this one:

The same will happen with marine life. You can see them in these photos because you are looking for them in a limited space. But, as a diver, I can tell you it’s extremely hard to see some of them, specially some octopi. Or this stone fish:

A couple of cuttlefish:

And insects are excellent at this game too, from the classic stick and leaf insects:

To this invisible spider:

Or this amazing caterpillar:

And then you have some incredible reptiles:

No matter how many video reportages and photos I see, nature would never cease to truly amaze me.