It Looks Like Camera Roll Is Coming Back To iOS 8

Apple’s throwing us a bone, folks. Despite the seemingly never-ending hiccups of iOS 8, the company has apparently decided to respond to overwhelming demand and reintroduce the much-missed Camera Roll feature in iOS 8.1. It’s a little unclear exactly what this means, however.

Mention of the Camera Roll magically and quietly appeared in the iOS 8.1 beta release notes a few days ago. As Product Reviews notes, however, this doesn’t necessarily mean the old feature, which lets you look at all of your photos in one place, will return in the same form. There’s a chance that Apple just recycled the name for the new “Recently Added” album which only lets you look at all of your photos from the last 30 days.

Hopefully, we’ll know soon enough, although it’s unclear exactly when the public release of iOS 8.1 will hit the App Store. Until then, keep your fingers crossed. [Product Reviews]

Picture: Michael Hession