Australia’s Laws Can’t Keep Up With 3D Printed Guns

Australia’s Laws Can’t Keep Up With 3D Printed Guns

It’s been some time since the NSW Police sat us all down and told us how each and every one of us would be shot in the face with a 3D printed gun. Yesterday the concerns over 3D printed guns came up at a Senate Inquiry into gun violence, and the warnings were stark: Australia’s laws aren’t ready for 3D printed guns.

Despite the fact that local police forces have been test-firing 3D printed guns since last May, Australia still doesn’t have legal provisions to tackle the use of these home-made weapons.

Speaking at the Senate Inquiry into the nation’s gun laws, Howard Brown of the Victims of Crime Assistance League said that it’s only a matter of time before someone gets hurt.

The ABC reports his comments:

“Our laws are failing to keep pace with that level of technology, and until we can keep pace with that, we’re going to have a situation where someone is going to be shot and injured with the use of a 3D device.”

Right now the inquiry is looking at how Australia’s gun laws need to be improved, but what can be done to stop untraceable weapons like 3D printed, one-use guns?