ARM’s Next-Gen Mobile Graphics Chips Will Save Your Battery

ARM’s Next-Gen Mobile Graphics Chips Will Save Your Battery

The English-based chip design company ARM has announced its new silicon. As well as churning the pixels, its new graphics chips will play nicely with your battery too.

VentureBeat reports that the company’s new Mali chips — and there are a lot of them, spanning low-end to high-end applications — offer both higher performance and higher energy efficiency. The top-end Mali-T860, for instance, supports 4K graphics and beyond while “being 45 per cent more energy efficient across a wide range of content” compared to ARM’s current offerings.

Perhaps best of all, though, the new chips have been designed with something even more important in mind: time-to-market. ARM claims these slabs of silicon will make it from drawing board to device far faster than before.

If you wonder why you should care, it’s because ARM actually designs chips and then licenses the designs to other manufacturers. Currently, its Mali GPU designs are used by 60 partners — with more than 400 million Mali GPUs shipping in 2013 alone. In other words, they’re everwhere.

So it’s great to hear that they’re getting faster, more efficient — and in your phone more rapidly than ever before. [VentureBeat]