Apple Banishes Bose From Its Online Store

Apple Banishes Bose From Its Online Store

You can’t buy Bose products from Apple’s online store anymore. And if earlier reports are true, soon you won’t even be able to wink at a Bose product in an Apple Store, because Apple plans to scrub every trace of Bose from its vaunted retail chambers.

I don’t know what they’d do to you if you brought your own personal Bose product into an Apple Store but they would probably not greet you as warmly as they would if you came in toting Beats By Dre. Because Apple owns Beats, and that’s what this is all about.

Bose is now an Apple product rival, and not an especially benevolent one. After Bose landed a sweet sweet deal with the NFL, football players started getting fined a smooth $US10,000 for wearing Beats on the sidelines. Players didn’t like it one bit, and it looks like Apple didn’t either.

This may be happening on a wider scale. Reports indicate that Apple is about to stop selling Fitbit devices in its stores as well. This coincides with two things: Apple is getting into fitness tracking with HealthKit and Apple Watch… and Fitbit has decided not to integrate with HealthKit.

And so it was written. And so it was. [9to5Mac via The Verge]