A Tiny RC Skateboard That Can Halfpipe Better Than You

Unless your name is Tony Hawk, or your likeness has been featured in his endless series of skateboarding games, you probably can’t pull a trick on a half-pipe as well as these tiny remote-controlled skateboards can. But that’s OK because if you stick to playing with these toys instead of the real thing, you’re guaranteed to never break a bone — probably.

HEXBUG’s Circuit Boards (bonus points for cleverness there) are not unlike the tiny Tech Deck finger skateboard that were at peek popularity when Hawk’s video games first appeared. But in addition to endless accessories, like replacement wheels and swappable decks, these tiny skateboards can be upgraded with motorised axles allowing them to be controlled remotely, and even perform tricks like stalls and kick-flips on a tiny skatepark. As far as tiny RC toys go, they’re quite impressive.

The cheapest Circuit Boards set that includes the removable RC unit is just $US20, but HEXBUG would be more than happy for you to go overboard with $US50 expandable skatepark sets and other accessories. But given how tiny they are, everything from kitchen counters to desks covered in crap make for perfect skateboard substitutes that security guards will never chase you away from — probably. [HEXBUG via The Awesomer]