A Stylish Water Filter You Don’t Have To Hide In The Fridge

Taking its design inspiration from the pour-over coffee setups that are so en vogue right now, KOR’s new Water Fall filtration system separates the actual filter from the vessel, letting you fill glasses, carafes or bottles without ever having to carry the whole rig around.

Unlike a Brita pitcher that can be heavy and hard to wrangle as you carry it from the faucet to the fridge, KOR’s Water Fall stays perpetually perched on your counter so you only need to fill and move the actual serving containers. And instead of having to replace the filter every four weeks, the Water Fall only needs a new coconut shell-based filter every four months, which will be automatically delivered to your door when a new one is needed thanks to a subscription-based replacement service.

KOR is hoping to bring the Water Fall to consumers through a Kickstarter campaign raising $US50,000, and you can secure one for yourself when they’re available in March of next year with a pledge of $US49. That not only gets you the actual filtration system, but one of the replaceable four-month filters, and a pair of glass carafes so one is always being filled with purified water.

As far as Kickstarter projects go there’s not a lot of risk here given KOR has been selling its stylish water bottles for years now, but be prepared to be patient if that promised March delivery date slips due to unforeseen production hiccups, or a sudden decline in the world’s coconut production. [Kickstarter]