A Redesigned Drain Cover Fixes The Worst Cleaning Chore In Your Home

Taking out the garbage is never fun. Vacuuming the living room is rarely enjoyable. But few chores are as despised as having to clean the hair from the drain cover in your shower. Thankfully, a clever designer named Chen Wanting agrees, and has come up with a brilliantly simple solution allowing long hair to be just easily rinsed away.

Her solution with the Tiya concept was to simply leave the grooves on the drain cover (that prevents foreign objects from falling down the drainpipe) open on one end, so when removed and taken to a sink, long hairs could simply be washed clean under the tap. Or, if you’d rather not have to invest in drain cleaner at a later date to deal with said hairs, they could be easily wiped into the garbage, with minimal gagging on your part. [Red Dot via Core77]