A Light Switch Whiteboard Is A Clever Sticky Note Alternative

Most people tend to be fans of leaving notes on the fridge, but I find that my singular desire for food normally results in skipping straight past the post-its and on to nourishments. That’s why I think that these whiteboard light-switches might be an excellent idea.

The principle is broadly the same as putting notes on the fridge — leave reminders on an everyday object that you have to interact with, and you’re more likely to read them. But the light-switch idea lets you leave notes all over the house, so that you don’t forget to do something when you leave the room. Plus, the small space forces economy, to an extent: no long lists of overdue chores, just simple two-line reminders.

I’m not quite sure if or why this needs to be its own separate Kickstarter (won’t dry-erase markers work on most plastic light switches anyway?), but for the decently low price of $US12 (or $US75 for a pack of seven), you can have your very own Switch Port™. Just remember not to Sharpie it, or you’ll end up trying to take out the rubbish every single night. [Kickstarter]