A Built-In Colour Picker Lets You Tint This Lamp To Any Shade You Want

Now that a trio of red, blue and green LEDs can reproduce almost any colour you can imagine, tinted mood lighting has become a hot trend. But why settle for manually dialling in a specific shade when this ColorUp lamp includes a built-in colour picker that can sample and reproduce any colour you so desire?

The lamp itself looks like an over-sized lightbulb, but instead of frosted glass it’s made from soft squishy silicon, and selecting a new colour simply requires the user to give it a little squeeze.

The lamp has been in development for a couple of years now, but the folks at PEGA Design & Engineering believe they have finally found the perfect balance between size, brightness and battery life. And while specific details about pricing and availability haven’t been revealed just yet, the ColorUp lamp will supposedly be available before the year’s out, and hopefully before you get your Christmas shopping done. [PEGA Design & Engineering via designboom]