5 Classic Film Cameras You Can Get For Under $1000

Buying an analogue camera can be daunting if you are new to the game. There are decades worth of varieties to consider! The good news is, you can get something really premium without breaking the bank. DigitalRev, an camera outfit based in Hong Kong, has enlisted the help of Bellamy Hunt of Japan Camera Hunter for some advice on the best film cameras to look for if your budget is $1000.

As a film enthusiast myself, I have to agree with most of Hunt’s recommendations. He covers different types of cameras including rangefinder, SLR, compact and medium format. The video was shot in Hong Kong, where analogue camera shops are much more common than in the US. If you live here in the states, you are often limited to Craigslist and eBay. I’ve had great luck in the past year compulsively expanding my camera collection, which includes one of Hunt’s recommendations — the Contax G2 (actually I have a G1 but they are quite similar).

The video is a great look at some truly wonderful cameras. If you are thinking of giving analogue a try, take a look and don’t be afraid to get your feet wet. [ISO 1200]