13 Greyhound Ads That Will Make You Want To Travel America By Bus

It’s difficult to make a bus ride seem glamorous. But the 100-year-old Greyhound Bus Company found a way nonetheless, painting the great destinations of the US — depicted in these these amazing 1960s posters — as grand adventures best reached by bus.

Founded in 1914, Hibbing, Minnesota, Greyhound is now celebrating its centenary. And there’s no better time to take a look back at how advertising agencies once marketed America to Americans, since Heritage Auctions is about to put forty of these rare “Go Greyhound” travel poster gems on the block in its upcoming Vintage Movie Posters Signature Auction on November 22-23 in Dallas. I can’t resist the urge to show you my favourite ones, created by artists like Rod Ruth, G. Roth, Nick Sciurba, S. Fleming and H. Goodwin.

It’s hard not to be enticed by these wonderful images — I wish I could go back in time and ride a Scenicruiser or a Buffalo, from New York to Chicago, from Colorado to San Francisco, from Arizona to Florida!