Zedtown: Sydney's Real World, Nerf Gun-Powered Zombie Game Is Back

How cool would it be to get 500 people together in an open world environment, arm them with Nerf guns and fill the space with zombies to see who could survive the night? Pretty goddamn cool, in my opinion. This is Zedtown: a 500-player, real world zombie survival game set in the confines of Sydney University, and it's on again.

Zedtown is on for another year, and it's everything a geeky, zombie survivalist has always wanted.

You get into Sydney University at 4pm in the afternoon with your Nerf guns, get your missions and then try and survive the night until 10pm.

Zedtown is the creation of Jordan Raskopoulos (who you may know from Axis of Awesome) and David Harmon. It's on for another year and it takes place on 11 October.

If you want to take part in this year's Zedtown, you're out of luck: tickets sold out in just five hours.

Just be aware if you're around Sydney University not to freak out when you see zombies running about!

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