You Can Finally Personalise A Marvel Action Figure With Your Own Face

You Can Finally Personalise a Marvel Action Figure With Your Own Face

Convinced you're handsomer than Tony Stark? Or look better in blue than Captain America? Marvel (Disney), Hasbro, and a 3D printing company called 3DPlusMe have joined forces to give comic book fans a brief opportunity to turn themselves into an action figure — as long as their favourite characters are either Iron Man or Captain America.

Starting tomorrow at select retailers across the US, fans will be able to have their faces scanned, 3D printed in miniature, and then transplanted onto a 12-inch articulated figure. The opportunity is only available until September 28 though, and the cost of such vanity is $US45, all-inclusive. It's unfortunate that the character selection is so limited, especially for female comic book fans. And I'm sure I'd look a lot better in a tight leather suit than Catwoman ever could — but I guess we'll never know. [SuperAwesomeMe]

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