You Can Apply This Better Band-Aid With Just One Hand

You Can Apply This Better Band-Aid With Just One Hand

As useful as Band-Aids might be for a quick fix, they're rarely easy to apply to your arms or other areas inaccessible to both your hands. And even when both hands are free, the sticky ends of a Band-Aid often end up stuck together if you're not careful. To remedy this, designer Pei-Chih Deng has created the one-handed Easy-Aid featuring a rigid backing that seems to solve all of a regular Band-Aid's failings.

The Easy-Aid was developed with diabetics in mind who occasionally need a bandage to stop the bleeding after an injection. But when it's on their arm, it's a challenge to properly apply a Band-Aid when one hand is out of reach. The Easy-Aid's rigid backing keeps the bandage's sticky ends apart when the adhesive is exposed, and allows the bandage to be easily positioned and placed on a wound with just one hand.

The backing then almost pops off all by itself after application, leaving just a properly bandaged wound minus a lot of the frustration that comes with traditional Band-Aid designs. And although just a concept at this point, Pei-Chih Deng has created working prototypes of the Easy-Aids that serve as a convincing proof-of-concept, leaving us wondering why they don't already exist. [YouTube via Taxi via Yanko Design]

You Can Apply This Better Band-Aid With Just One Hand


    Is it me or did I see two hands used to take off the back strip, one handed should me one handed not two.

    I haven't used a bandaid for a while but don't they have 2 halves. Take one off slap it down then take the other off. no sticking together.

    Is it just me or did it say 'Over 30 billion diabetics in the World'?

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