Where Can You Buy A High Capacity MP3 Player Now The iPod Classic Is Dead?

The iPod Classic is dead. The Classic has been on life support for the last few years, but now the time has come for the high capacity Apple MP3 player to be mercy killed at the hands of Tim Cook. Despite the fact that nobody's really buying them anymore, everyone who hears that the product is dead wails and tears at their garments. So what's the alternative going forward? Where can you buy a high capacity MP3 player in a post-Classic world?

Between Apple's insanely pervasive, market-eating iPod range and the convergence of mobile devices, there isn't much of a high capacity music devices market left. The Classic was really the last truly brilliant device for high capacity music storage. Sure, you had to use iTunes which a lot of people still object to, but it was great.

Buy An iPod Classic...Fast

This one seems pretty obvious, but it bears repeating. If you want an iPod Classic for the future, you can't afford to sit on your hands.

Stores like Dick Smith, JB Hi-Fi, Officeworks will still have stock of the Classic here and there. It's going to involve you Indiana Jones-ing your way through a few stock systems with a very helpful store person, but they still exist. You've got a couple of weeks after this story is published to get them before they disappear.

Otherwise, head to eBay or Gumtree to find one for yourself. Obviously, it's probably going to be used, but at least you can buy it on the cheap.

Of course, as time goes on you're going to start noticing iPod Classic stock both in stores and on auction sites like eBay and Gumtree vanish as they're bought up. So what happens when you want a high capacity MP3 player going forward?

Deal With It

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It might be time to deal with the fact that carrying all your crappy B-sides and rare albums around with you isn't a smart idea. You might need to start getting picky and choosey with your music.

The largest iPod you can buy now is the 64GB iPod Touch which is actually a pretty fantastic product for a stand-alone music player.

Buying it means you're going to have to trim down your music collection by allocating songs you like into different playlists and syncing only them to your device to save space.

The attraction of having all your music on one device is surely just so you can press shuffle and be delighted by a random song from your youth that you'd forgotten was in your library. To take advantage of this in a limited storage environment, start syncing Apple's Genius Mixes to your iPod. It breaks down random songs into genres based on how they sound. Playing one will still have the desired effect of random songs popping into your ears.

Still not satisfied?

Get Your Phone On The Case

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It's not just Apple that swallowed the MP3 market: it was your phone as well.

If you still want to drag your music around with you everywhere, grab a microSD card and fill it to the brim. Then throw it at your phone and bob's-yer-Marley. I mean uncle.

Very few phones support microSD cards above 128GB in capacity, so that's going to be your ceiling for storage right now.

Of course, if you want larger libraries available at the touch of a button, give services like Spotify, Rdio or Pandora a go. If you're worried that those don't have all of your rare tunes, you can look into a cloud storage solution for your music. iTunes in the Cloud works quite well for all the songs you have in your library right now, and an annual iTunes Match subscription will cost $40 per year to make sure it all stays available across your connected devices.

You'll still have to stream music from iTunes in the Cloud or from a service like Spotify, so consider upping your data limit to make sure you don't get an excess data bill.

What? You want more?!. Fine.

Try These...

There are still plenty of smaller MP3 players around, some of them for sub-$100 from reputable brands like Philips. But that's not what we want. We want oodles of storage to throw music at that we'll probably never really listen to.

Scouring Google, we were able to find a few products you might want to consider.

FiiO X5 High Resolution Lossless Music Player

We found this one on Amazon. It takes two 128GB microSD cards so you can have a total of 256GB of removable flash storage for your device. All that for only $US350 if you get in quick (and find a way to ship it to Australia).

Sony ZX1 Video

Because it's a HD music player as well as a standard MP3 player, you're going to pay through the goddamn nose for it at $799.

Seagate Wireless Plus Portable

While it's not something you can directly plug your phone into, the Seagate Wireless Plus Portable allows you to connect to it via Wi-Fi and stream your media to your phone remotely. It's a massive 1TB, which makes the iPod Classic you're mourning over look petty.

What's your solution to replace a high capacity MP3 player? Tell us in the comments



    i thought ppl use their phone these days?
    my problem of using phone is just the battery life...

      I think the key part here is "high capacity", as in over 100GB of music.

      Which is, let's be clear, a heck of a lot of music. Hundreds of thousands of songs. Most phones want to use internal storage for music, which is rarely that big.

        its hundreds of thousands of MP3s (aka shitty music files) if you want to listen to lossless the ipod classic was awesome.

          Initially I figured 100GB as 500000 x 2MB song files, then decided the quality wouldn't be good enough, but at 10MB it probably would be - and still exceed 100000 songs.

          For completely lossless, uncompressed CD quality you have roughly 10MB of data per minute of audio (700MB CD over 70 minutes) but there are lossless compression algorithms that improve that.

          Anyway, I'm not arguing the iPod classic is useless, just that these days it's only really required by a niche market who want a HUGE quantity of high quality audio.

          I would guess that Apple's decision arises from difficulties in sourcing hard drives of the requisite size. The iPod Classic used a very small form-factor drive as I recall (1.5" ?), and in recent times those functions have largely been overtaken by Flash. They could swicth to Flash, but then they would just have an iPod Touch with a smaller screen and some extra buttons.

            I have 8384 files, 70% are ALAC, the rest are 320 MP3s and in total its 166.15GB, so I think your calculations are a big off. I wouldn't say that's a huge quantity, most of my friends have much larger collections.

            Last edited 12/09/14 8:22 am

              The numbers you quote are equivalent to about 20MB per file.

              According to iTunes, I have around 4000 files totaling 17GB. Essentially all of those are AAC at 128kbps, 10.1 days' worth. By my figuring if stored as CD-quality sound they would chew up 144GB of space.

              It appears my error was in overestimating the effectiveness of lossless compression. :-/ (And possibly in assuming that my audio collection is larger than average, which may be true of my demographic but not of yours.)

        "hundreds of thousands"
        Hah, nope. I don't even have any lossless music.

        It's actually not nearly that many songs if you have quality files. 150gb of quality music is not even 20,000 songs.

          20,000 songs is close to a month of music (more if compressed using MP3 or similar), around a thousand CDs' worth. I'm not sure that I can agree that it's "not that many songs."

          I recognise that there are people out there with music collections of that size, but I strongly suspect that they're a fairly small minority - explaining why Apple pulled the product.

          In any case, you can now buy a 512GB microsd card, although that won't help with an iOS player since they all have internal storage only...

      Buy a battery recharger.. you charge it up and it charges through your phone's data cable (charger to usb), can completely restore your battery life about three times.

    Meh.. I have a little "Sansa Clip" for exercising, and a "NWZ Sony Walkman" for better volume and connecting to my car media player/Radio... The Sans Clip is dirt cheap for what it does too..!

    Last edited 11/09/14 12:28 pm

    This: http://www.amazon.com/iBasso-DX50-Mastering-Authorized-Distributor/dp/B00J6RVQJM
    Or it's bigger brother: http://www.amazon.com/iBasso-DX90-Resolution-Connection-Distributor/dp/B00JRGLX3G/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1410405733&sr=1-1&keywords=dx90

    Or if you are so inclined, This: http://www.amazon.com/Astell-Kern-AK240-Mastering-Quality/dp/B00IFEC88U

    The LG G3 will take mini SD cards with a capacity of more than 128gb, now to find one.....

      It also has a shitty battery life.

    The new Sony A17 may fill the gap, with 64 GB of memory built in and expandable storage via MicroSD.



    I asked this very question the other day in response to the announcement that the ipod classic had been snuffed out... The biggest problem I see is getting a high capacity mp3 player, that's also compatible with things like my ipod interface in my car, and such.

    I use a NAS with 1TB music files and then stream everything around the house with Sonos systems. Then 80GB iPad classic for the car which also has a 30GB hard drive that you can rip CBS to so problem solved.

    Custom 512gb (477gb usable capacity) 5th gen Classic iPods -

    Great job on making the most useless article with the most misleading title on the planet.

    You're a douche. Don't write an article on where to find high capacity MP3s if you're just going to bitch about how we don't really need high capacity MP3s for 75% of it.

    Some people don't confine their musical tastes to "songs". There is the huge cannon of "classical" and jazz that will easily fill an iPod classic. This music can be challenging and sometimes only understood after learning the language. The iPod is ideal for this. It gives us a time window while still living in the 21st century. Are the tech savy limited to the 3 minute products marketed by the culture police?

      Although it's rare I own much classical I do own jazz. As well as this there's the ton of mixes that are free to download that are often an hour or 2 in length.
      People seem to scratch their heads in confusion if what you listen to isn't the typical length of what you hear on the radio, and then call us out for being sad and not listening to said music.
      Not every book in a library is important or great as the next one but it's still an individual piece of work so to speak. Music in this capacity is essentially the same.
      I'm gathering from this article that the writer was given a subject to write about that he already had his own opinion on without looking at others.

    i think the Ipod touch should need a 1tb flash memory just because the classics are gone but Ebay somehow has a 1tb Ipod classic custom apple need to make it official they are the original brand in there own Revoulution's peek so means by if necessary make all Ipod touch and Iphone in it's own special way and version software i mean think about it they focus on Iphone's and Imac's watch's ect so much we hardly get any recognition with the Ipod touch what is to come of today's world of storage for apple in 2017 as Airpods huge delay finally over and available in stores this coming Monday limited stock Airpods true wireless will be hard to find available in stock as far as apple store and other apple retailers this has been a huge year for apple in the world of today's wireless technology with Christmas coming up and with the Iphone 8 with wireless charging coming up in 2017 speculation's with high volume electronics production and products chants stakes can not be more higher and what better way can we start developing could we see some more movement with the Ipod touch.

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