Watching A Master Chef Make Noodles By Hand Is Mesmerising

Watching a master chef make noodles by hand is absolutely mesmerising

I'm not sure if this is considered just cooking or if it can be classified as high art or even a musical performance but whatever it is, it's an absolute joy to watch. What you're seeing is soba master Tatsuru Rai, owner and chef of Sobatei Rakuichi in Niseko, Hokkaido, making his soba noodles in complete silence.

According to MAD4, a symposium that brings chefs from all over the world to Copenhagen:

[Tatsuru Rai] was the first person to appear on stage at the fourth annual MAD Symposium, in Copenhagen. Instead of giving a speech, Tatsuru demonstrated his craft in complete silence.

The sounds of his movements are what really get to me. You hear rolling, pressing, cutting, thumping and so much more. It's all a result of his focus.

I know where I have to eat soba when I go to Japan.

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