Watching A Boeing 787 Dreamliner Come Together Never Gets Old

Watching a Boeing 787 Dreamliner Come Together Never Gets Old

With her maiden flight just a few short weeks away, the newest 787 — and the first for Virgin Atlantic — is all set to take to the skies. And to honour this momentous machine, Virgin has just released this stunning time lapse video of its construction.

Dubbed Birthday Girl as a nod to the airline's upcoming 30th anniversary, the new plane will include nearly 200 economy seats, 31 fully-reclining first class spaces on its trips back and forth across the Atlantic. These trips will actually be quite speedy as the Dreamliner travels at mach .85 (about 1041km/h), which is what a 747 can do, but the Dreamliner will do so using 20 per cent less fuel per leg.

And it's not like the passengers will be exactly counting the minutes until they can disembark as every single seat in the plane comes with its own personal entertainment system. Now, if only they included a Branson-Tsiu with every flight. [Virgin Atlantic]

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