Watch Street Photography's Favourite Jerk Roam New York City

Watch Street Photography's Favourite Arsehole, Bruce Gilden, Roam NYC

Bruce Gilden is famous for getting right up in people's faces, whether they like it or not, when shooting photos on the streets of New York. This video follows the man himself walking around mid-town Manhattan in the dead of winter as he fires some of his trademark portraits.

Gilden is often a divisive figure, thanks to his confrontational style of taking people's picture without their permission. His style is iconic and has given way to many copycats. Some find the approach unethical, while others praise its raw spontaneity. However you feel about it, it is certainly a spectacle watching his odd interactions with strangers walking down the street.

The above video of Gilden was produced by for Swedish State Television, so there's some Swedish narration involved, but mostly it's Gilden speaking to the camera and to his subjects, just oozing personality. [ISO 1200]

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