This YouTube Mashup Confirms That Music Is Better When Played Together

Musician and YouTuber Kutiman is a mashup master of sorts. However, he doesn't deal with the common music fodder that most Frankenstein-type musicians use. Instead of stitching together popular verses and choruses from mainstream music, Kutiman pulls from an entirely different source — amateur YouTube videos.

Now, please don't mistake "amateur" for "bad." Most of these self-uploaded musicians are actually pretty good, but Kutiman takes it to another level by throwing them all together. Like his earlier creations, "Give It Up" is another kitbashed masterpiece and makes you appreciate all the random music tutorials, solo singing sessions, and kids-killing-it-on-piano videos that blanket YouTube. Kutiman will include all his songs in an upcoming album Thru You Too, set to release on October 1st. [Digg]

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