This New Wireless Hard Drive Cuts Out Cords And Adds An SD Card Slot

This New Wireless Hard Drive Cuts Out Cords and Adds an SD Card Slot

External hard drives are essential; the cords they come with are a pain. And finally, after watching its competitors go wireless one by one, Western Digital has joined the party. My Passport Wireless does away with cords and adds a nifty built-in SD card slot as a nice little bonus.

The My Passport Wireless also has its own Wi-Fi connection and internal battery, enabling it to stream files and media to your computer or smartphone, and pairs with WD's My Cloud App on up to eight devices at once. It has its very own rechargeable battery that will allow for six hours of streaming, or 22 hours of standby mode. If streaming isn't your thing, you could also simply use the My Passport Wireless for backing up data and freeing up space on your tablet or phone.

What's most appealing though — especially for photographers — is that built-in SD card slot. Combined with the battery power, you can transfer all your photos or videos without the annoyance of taking out your computer and hooking up the drive.

Of course, does still come with a USB 3.0 port for traditionalists who feel safer tethered to their computer. The My Passport Wireless is available now for pre-order from the Western Digital online store, with 1TB for $US180, and 2TB for $US220. That's about comparable with the wireless competition, but that SD slot bonus might just make it a better buy.



    So, my only question would be...

    Could I plug this in to my TV (like I do with my normal USB hard drive) but instead of unplugging it, plugging it back in to my PC, transferring new files, plugging it back in to my TV... Could I just transfer the files from my PC to the HDD via WIFI? Or would using the "tethered" USB 3.0 port override the Wifi?

    G'Day B-ob!

    Responding to your inquiry, basically users will no longer have to worry about running out of storage from their computers, tablets and smartphones.

    With a single portable drive, it has the ability to transfer files from computers, tablets, and smartphones to the My Passport Wireless without the need of cables or an Internet connection.

    For more information about My Passport Wireless, you can read the related User Manual (under Index No.5 - Connecting the Drive onward) which is already available on WD website -

    Hope it helps mate.


    pity you cant actually pre-order here in Aus. The WD link goes to the USA store and they don't have an international ship option. Guaranteed that when we can buy it in hmmm 2 years time it wont be anywhere near 180 & 220. more like 480 & 520

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