This Mixer Could Have Originally Been An Industrial Factory Robot

This Mixer Could Have Originally Been an Industrial Factory Robot

Mixing and kneading dough for bread can be a back-breaking process. It's a chore best left to a grandparent who's been doing it all their life — or a machine like Bosch's new MaxxiMUM mixer, which actually looks like a robotic arm from an automotive factory that was laid off but has since found other work.

With a 1.6kW motor the MaxxiMUM boasts a 3D planetary mixing system which stirs, blends, and kneads ingredients in three different directions at 12 different speeds — while a built-in dough sensor ensures it doesn't get too carried away if you're not there keeping an eye on things. And though the $US950+ MaxxiMUM might look hefty and unwieldy, that bulky mixing arm actually easily raises at the touch of a button. [Bosch via The Appliancist]

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