This Lego Mario Brothers Lamp Is The Geekiest Way To Spend $US2,200

This Lego Mario Brothers Lamp is the Geekiest Way to Spend $US2,200

Let's say that you've got a spare two grand stuffed in a shoebox under your bed, and you want to put it towards something really useful. No, not paying off a credit card bill, or getting your car serviced — you want to blow that on a Mario Bros lamp made out of Lego.

In fairness, the light is both pretty big — plenty of bang for your buck — and, in all seriousness, kinda cool. A little over two feet tall, and nearly a foot wide at the base, this doesn't so much hint at your love of Nintendo's most famous franchise, as forcibly shove it into every visitor's face.

Just don't knock it over in the middle of a frenzied Mario Kart celebration — then you'd be left in the dark, with Lego bricks strewn across the floor like little plastic landmines. That wouldn't be pretty. [Etsy via Technabob]

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