This IFTTT-Enabled Panic Button Will Start Anything But A Nuclear War

This IFTTT-Enabled Panic Button Will Start Anything But a Nuclear War

Have you ever thought that everyday activities, like, say, summoning your family for dinner, need a little more drama? Bttn, a giant, shouty, Wi-Fi-enabled button, is thinking yes.

Bttn's premise is very simple: you push the button (I mean, what else are you going to do with it?), and it sends a signal to a server (via Wi-Fi or a cell network), which then carries out a pre-programmed action, be that turning on your Wi-Fi enabled lights, or sending a text to your children telling them to get their asses home right the hell now. The list of actions is pretty unlimited: bttn plugs into IFTTT and a couple other services, and thereby into almost every social network or other internet-connected thing you can think of.

If you're interested, the IndieGoGo campaign will let you pre-order your choice of red, blue, green, or yellow bttn for a pretty steep $US99, with delivery promised (although you'll want to take that with a prescription dose of scepticism) by Christmas. [IndieGoGo]

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