This Footbridge Spins Open On Two Giant Wheels To Let Boats Pass

This Footbridge Spins Open on Two Giant Wheels to Let Boats Pass

If you ever find yourself outside the Brazilian headquarters of pharmaceutical company Bayer, you're in for a treat — because you'll get to walk across the beautiful, innovative bridge.

Created by the architectural firm LoebCapote Arquitetura, the Friedrich Bayer Bridge creates a path for pedestrians and bicyclists to cross the nearby canal. But it does it in some style: two metal islands, covered in plants so that resemble giant lily pads, are actually pivot points which allow the bridge to swing open. That means that boat traffic can still pass beneath the 90-meter bridge with minimal effort. The whole thing just looks wonderful. [LoebCapote Arquitetura via Arch Daily via Neatorama]

Picture: Leonardo Finotti

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