This Drone Is Armed, But Not Like You Might Imagine

This Drone is Armed - But Not Like You Might Imagine

We're almost so used to the idea of weapons-toting drones, that finding a drone with a pair of actual arms is a little unusual. This quadcopter with a pair of arms is the brainchild of university professors, who clearly didn't think about the consequences of giving flying robots the ability to pick things up and run away with them. Everyone duck.

Lovingly titled the 'Dual-Arm Aerial Manupulator', this two-armed drone is the work of three university professors, Christopher Korpela, Matko Orsag and Paul Oh, from Drexel University. Clearly, the purpose here is mostly industrial — drones with arms could be insanely useful in a whole list of tasks, far beyond the simple valve-turning demonstrated here. But seriously, guys. Did Terminator teach you nothing? [YouTube]

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