This Crazy Sideways Bicycle Rides Like A Snowboard On Wheels

Inventor Michael Killian loves the sensation of balancing on top of a snowboard, carving graceful curving arcs in the snow. He also loves tinkering with stuff. Put those two joys together in a workshop, and you get the SidewaysBike, Killian's fantastic wheeled creation.

Killian's been working on this project for years — we first told you about it way back in 2006 — but Reuters just caught sight of the inventor and the latest version of his contraption zipping around the base of the Eiffel Tower.

On his website, Killian says the lean-forward/lean-back balance you use on the SidewaysBike offers finer control than the side-to-side lean of a normal bike. Whether or not that's true, it sure looks like a ton of fun. [Reuters]

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