This Could (Maybe, Possibly) Be The iPhone 6

Ahead of tomorrow's announcement by Apple, a video has been posted online which claims to be a short review of the new iPhone 6. It's in Mandarin, it's far from definitely being real — but this could, maybe, possibly be the phone that Apple announces tomorrow.

This Could (Maybe, Possibly) Be the iPhone 6

Obviously there's no way of telling for sure that this is the real deal — at least, not until tomorrow — but it seems fairly plausible. The device looks like the rumours we've heard so far, it's fully working, and appears to run iOS 8. 9to5 Mac has sourced a translation of the video:

One is an iPhone 5s and the other is, I'm not sure what it is gonna be called, probably the iPhone 6. You guys might be curious if this phone that I am holding might be a knock off or fake, but it does have an Touch ID, I (you) don't think so? Let's try and see that again.

My personal feel of the phone is that it is faster than the 5s. When I got the phone, I personally feel that it is very light, much lighter than expected when seeing the (leak) images online. It might be seen that the iPhone 6 is gonna be heavier, but it is not. Thus, I feel the iPhone 6 is much a lot lighter than the iPhone 5s. That is the first thought about the phone.

(80% accuracy)

The second thought is about the screen size. One might think that it is gonna be too big and needs more than one hand to operate, and Apple has done it with only one hand usage. (Not sure: By making the screen size taller to achieve it). Still feels comfortable using the iPhone just like the iPhone 5s.

(50% accuracy)

Thirdly is the 'radians' (according to Google Translate) or 'Bezel' on the sides, somewhat like the Samsung's I9300 (or SIII). Which makes it feels comfortably good with one hand. [Talks about technology of the screen with him mentioning "2.5".

On the back, it still retains the design of the iPhone 5 backing of the 3 parts. And still on the back, the iPhone 5s camera is within the body of the phone, but the one on the iPhone 6's camera is protruding outwards. Some may feel that it is ugly, but I personally feel that if the camera quality is better, it is something good too (or I don't mind either).

Since there isn't much apps or software running, the performance feels about the same. But if according to Apple, the internal specs would certainly be an increase. For that, we would only know after the event.

Let's open the camera app, this is the screen, (takes picture), taking pictures feels very fast, very fast, can't imagine that. *Goes on opening the Photos app* Photo still feels quite small.

And that is all.

*Shows the different apps on the phone*

Unsure of the megapixel of the camera due to the lack of information.

The health app may connect to the iWatch.

And that is pretty much it.

Speculation in the comments of the 9t05mac post make for interesting reading, too. According to some, the curved 2.5D screen may suggest that Apple still isn't using sapphire glass but a Corning Gorilla product instead. Elsewhere, speculation that the headphone jack is 2.5mm was swiftly shot down — but it does look small, perhaps because of the bezel proportions. Someone has also spotted a blinking LED between the volume buttons — which would definitely be a new addition.

This Could (Maybe, Possibly) Be the iPhone 6

Of course, there's no way of knowing for sure if this is real; we'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out that. But watching the video while reading the latest rumours sure makes it feel compelling.

In the meantime, what can you spot in the footage? How likely d'you reckon it is that it's real? And would you be happy if this is what Tim Cook announces tomorrow?



    This is what I wanted the iPhone 5 to be. Currently using a 4 that's on its last legs, so I'm looking forward to this. I would be happy if this is announced tomorrow.

      Agreed - the 4s should have been the 5. The 5s should have been the 6. It was like a massive misstep when they released the 4s and they've been catching up ever since.

        I see it more as a mirror of intel's tick-tock cycle. Innovate -> Refine -> Repeat.
        Of course, I'm using "Innovate" very loosely, ease up fandroids.

          Yes its based on the fact that most people are on two year contracts. Most people who wait out their contract fall into two categories.

          I want the new looking one
          I want the one with the issues sorted out

          If you where on the 4 then a jump to the 5 would be big, if you had a 4s the jump to 5s would be big. One got a bigger screen, the other touch ID amongst the usual CPU and other upgrades.

          We can expect these companies Samsing included to changes the world every 12 months. So stay on your 2 year cycle and enjoy decent upgrades.

          The new Note4 is not that much of a change from the Note3, same as the galaxy 4 to 5, but if you follow the same logic, from the S3 to the S5 was big.

    Also still hanging on to my 4S, I don't need a bigger phone but i'd love some better tech. Fingers crossed items like the camera have huge improvements or I might save some coin and buy a paranoid.

      Same its just the past year i have felt that the phone is getting a little to slow and the screen feels tiny compared to any other phone that you see nowadays.

      But personally im moving on from IOS i have used it for to long since the 3GS and i am a little bored of it. I have a ps4 at home so it makes sense for me to pick up sony's new xperia z3

    My conspiracy theory is, and it's not just for Apple, but most tech companies.....they already have prototyped tech that's 3 or 4 times faster, 10 times battery life, 3 times cheaper than everything we have today, but for the sole purpose of revenue, they take us there in a hundred tiny iterative steps. hence why we get the iPhone 5 then 5s, 6 then 6s. It's corporate greed that is killing Moore's Law. lol

      Conspiracy theory much?

      The market is too competitive for companies to be forcing small-iteration-improvements and holding back the big ticket ones.

      Think about it. If any one manufacturer could have ten times longer battery life and be three times cheaper, they'd kill the entire market and take over.

      What you're describing could only work in a monopoly situation.

    i actually really like the look of this. im in.

    sigh.. gonna cost a fortune....
    this might be my last ever iphone tho.. eventually i can see myself moving to windows

      as someone who went to windows.....see you back on ios or 'droid in the near future.

    :o at 6:15 he mentions an i-watch :D If he didn't I'm just bad at listening to other languages... But I am pretty sure it was the case because he was in an app that would most likely be something to do with a smart watch.

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