These Goofballs Melted An iPhone 6 Plus With Thermite

These Goofballs Melted an iPhone 6 Plus With Thermite

Video: Ahh, there's nothing like watching a $1000 electronic device roasting in a orgiastic chemical fireball in the name of... science? Capitalism? Boredom? Take your pick, but here's the latest from the crazy people at Rated RR, whose previous iPhone torture videos can be found below.


    Now to have this procedure rolled out to every crapple device in the world.

    ...thence Apple headquarters...

    But i think the real question is:

    Will it b(l)end?

      They did that too :) check out their other iphone 6 torture videos theres a blender one haha :)

    haha :) not sure what they are expecting... the 6 Plus cant even spent 5 minutes in someone pocket without folding in half and breaking.

    I hate it when people slap "science" onto a piece of entertainment. This is all it is, entertainment. But I am still entertained. Thermite makes such a beautiful exothermic reaction

    But seriously, we only know how to waste. Everything!

    These videos to me are the epitome of everything wrong with consumerism. And to think people blame bankers for the worlds money woes.

    Throw another iphone on the fire to keep yourself warm at night.

    Thermite is for nancies. The real test is to apply Vegemite. Nobody can defy the power of Vegemite.

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