The Russian Space Sex Lizards Are Dead

The Russian Space Sex Lizards Are Dead

I hope you’re sitting down at your desk or on a train or something, for I have tidings of great sorrow: the Russian space sex lizards have died.

The plight of the five geckos sent into orbit to engage in lizard coitus so scientists

could study zero-gravity reproduction first captured our attention in late July, when their research satellite went silent. Though Russia regained contact and made sure the lizards were not lost in space, they ultimately died.

The cause of death remains unknown for the four females and one male gecko. One thing is for certain: “Russian Space Sex Lizards” remains a v. good name for a metal band.

It’s not clear whether the conditions aboard the satellite hastened their demise, or whether they just straight up ate each other, as geckos are wont to do, even amorous cosmonaut geckos. We can only wonder, and look again to the stars. [Wired]

Image via Wei Ming/Shutterstock