The Only iPhone 6 Unboxing Video You'll Actually Want To See

Video: What is it with unboxing videos? At best, they're poorly-focused movies of disembodied hands fumbling with packaging. At worst, they're a platform for some jerk to brag about his new gadget. Trust me -- this is the only iPhone 6 unboxing video that won't make you retch.

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    Best review ever :)

      I dunno, this one's pretty good too :P

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    Hey that's exactly what I did with my 6! Damn forgot to make a video...

    That was kind of unexpected! I kind of though it was weird when he chucked the ear buds to the side.

    In all seriousness though, I don't know why anyone would buy this phone. Its not that its bad or ugly in anyway. Its the pure fact you know you are getting ripped off so badly. Its a mid level spec phone that is priced higher than any other phone on the market. It not even Full HD yet, smaller battery, only 1 gig of ram, camera has barely changed, its finally got nfc and the list goes on. It not even competitively priced to other high end phones. Apple is making so much money off every single one its a joke.

    Yeahs I know its a combination of good design with the hardware. But seriously they could at least charge around same price as other manufactures. Its amazing what sheep people have become. Just because its got a bigger screen and all metal body that looks very simliar to the Htc one, people are going nuts. I did love the iphone when it was the leader for a reason, now its more about being one of the sheep.

    I blame the hipsters...

      Some people prefer iOS over Android, that isn't a hard concept to come to terms with. If liking something makes you a sheep, then we're all one big flock at this point.

        Nothing wrong with liking something. It's just the people who like it with the kind of fervor that's normally reserved for the bible that rubs me the wrong way.

          I honestly believe these people don't exist and are solely a construct of other phone users' minds. I know plenty of Mac, iPhone and Apple users and not one of them has ever spoken to me about their device (honest). Even when hearing about new devices none of them really care; they just upgrade if they feel like it. I have had three of my six android using friends remark about their wonderful phones though.

            They're definitely not a construct.
            It's generally new Apple users who're like that though, but there are some long term zealots as well

      I've never understood why techies can't get their heads around Apple as a premium brand, while they otherwise understand premium branding in other areas.

      Some people like to drive a BMW, and others are fine with a Honda.

      Some people buy Coco Pops, even though the Home Brand version is half the price.

      Some people pay a hundred bucks for a polo shirt with a little horse embroidered on it, while others pay fifteen bucks for one without at Target.

        The "premium brand" is a myth, it's an image that Apple tried to adopt, with some success, when it couldn't compete head to head with other PC makers.
        In reality though you're just paying for a very mainstream general tech device with decent design and quality control. It's more like a Toyota sedan or volvo than a BMW.

        The "premium brand" idea just doesn't work in terms of a brand of tech devices that such a huge number of people own and cost the same amount as devices from other brands.

          But it IS a premium brand. An iPhone is a very well made, well designed phone, it's also a fashion statement. Likewise, their PCs are as much fashion accessories as functional devices. They don't have to be faster than anything else, they don't even have to be better looking than anything else. Just as an artist can paint a canvas all red, call it art and someone will buy it, Apple can make a device and as long as people pay the price they're asking (and millions do), it's a premium device. A pair of Diesel Jeans are no more functional than Levi's 505s but people will still pay hundreds of extra dollars for them. Have you ever been into a Versace store? Seen how much they charge for a singlet or a pair of branded thongs?

          Also, I've had iPhones for 6 years now. I would have bought Android but they didn't have a device at the time and it's taken several years for it to become a viable alternative. Regardless of android's technical superiority it's not enough to make me want to abandon the several hundred dollars of apps, etc that I own and that's beside the price I put on my time to convert all my data, contacts, calendar, etc. The iPhone does what I want, I don't feel a burning need to change just because a bunch of squealing kids or an internet of nerds drowning in inexplicable and misplaced rage tell me how uncool I am.

          Enjoy what ya got, people! iPhones, Androids and Windows Phones are all technological marvels that have utterly changed the world in just a few very short years. Competition is good, what do you care how much I paid for my phone? I made an informed, carefully thought out decision based on how the device fits with my requirements, just as I expect you did for your choice. If you bought solely based on what your friends have then you're as much a sheep as those that you're accusing. (BTW, none of this is specifically aimed at you, Ozone - I'm just tired of the childish belittlement and rants that seem to surround this pointless debate).

            You could make some argument for their laptops and desktop PCs as being fashion items, because they are rather distinctive aesthetically- there is quite a cadre of similarly aesthetically concious and powerful devices by other brands but those represent a subset rather than the entire brand image.

            With Phones though, as I've said it's a little different. All brands put a lot of effort into the look, feel, and performance of their top level phone so that devices in the same class by different brands are equal (apart from the Nexus which is heavily subsidised by Google). The price margins are also thin; no one really charges very far above anyone else.

            There are different dynamics that govern the price of older devices though rather than the idea of "premium branding"- update cycles and obsolescence being the main one: Apple devices will retain their high prices longer as they age because of the slower product update cycle and longer software update support life.
            This is why older Apple phones seem to retain their value longer than those made by competing brands.

            Apple has also traditionally had a different marketing strategy generally: While most other producers will sell a range of devices aimed at different ends of the market and priced accordingly, Apple's approach is to discount older devices to address the same market sectors- which superficially makes it seem as if they "don't do cheap phones", when in actuality they just sell off old, excess, and returned inventory to achieve that very same result.

            The reality is that Apple, like other brands produces popular, mainstream consumer devices, and true "premium" brands have never really taken off in the phone sector. Two come to mind: The Prada branded phones by LG and the Vertu brand

    Actually, I retract that. I forgot about the lines in front of the apple stores. But I still maintain that for some reason Android users tend to extrapolate this to all Apple users.

    Always take those bloody stickers off before you bury it! So frustrating!

    "sorry it went out of focus! :((" Maybe he should have filmed it with that said iPhone 6.

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