The First Cars With Apple's CarPlay System Are Now On The Road, Starting With Ferrari's Majestic FF

Apple wants to bring iOS to the dashboard of just about every car in the world with its CarPlay service. After a grand unveiling earlier in the year, the first CarPlay-supported vehicles are starting to arrive on the road, starting with the insanely premium Ferrari FF.

According to 9to5Mac, Ferrari has today announced that the FF will be the first model to get CarPlay, starting from today, with the next mission to bring the system to the California T.

CarPlay uses Siri to integrate functions like music, messaging, Apple Maps and a series of other apps including Spotify, Beats Radio, iHeartRadio and Stitcher where available.

In case you're wondering what the new Ferrari FF is like to drive, check out Chris Harris' hands-on below. Spoiler: it's majestic.




    What about those who dont want Apple in their car?

      I don't think I'd appreciate being locked into an ecosystem with a single phone OS if I was paying hundreds of thousands for a car.

        I am sure like Pioneer system, you can get firmware update if you do not want iOS and get the Android version.

      easy don't buy a ferrari... :P

      or replace it with aftermarket. or ask the dealer put a tape deck instead.

    Personally I'm hoping car companies will eventually let you choose which system is installed in your new car. Wonder what it will do to the used car market though?

    Hurry up Pioneer and release the CarPlay update for your NEX systems already!

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