The Eyes Of Animals Look A Lot Like Alien Worlds

The Eyes Of Animals Look A Lot Like Alien Worlds

Continuing his fantastic series of macro shots of the eyes of animals, here is Suren Manvelyan’s Animal Eyes 3. The close up shots of the fish and reptiles and other animals in this series look positively alien when seen up close. I thought they were artist’s rendering of deep space planets from a sci-fi movie.

The eye above belongs to a catfish. You would be forgiven if you thought it was a still from Prometheus.

You can see more of Manvelyan’s work here. The first two parts in the Animal Eyes series can be found here and here. Stunning.

Blackspotted puffer

Eschmeyer’s Scorpionfish

Weedy Scorpionfish

Garden Boa

Porcupine Puffer Fish


Suren Manvelyan is a photographer with interests that span from macro to portraits, creative photo projects, landscape, and much more. He also teaches physics, mathematics, projective geometry and astronomy at the Yerevan Waldorf School.