The Curious Case Of The Disappearing Gold Moto 360

The Curious Case Of The Disappearing Gold Moto 360

First it was there. And now it’s not. On Friday, a Redditor spotted a new addition to the Moto 360 lineup though a link emailed out by Motorola itself. The curious timepiece in question is the gold-rimmed device on the top row center of the photo above.

However, after being contacted for a comment on the new watch, Motorola quickly caught their blunder. First, they fixed the image by simply removing the gold watch entirely, and then eventually rearranged all the watch faces to cover up any possible evidence of its existence, as Android Police illustrates below.

The Curious Case Of The Disappearing Gold Moto 360

Reportedly, this is what Moto 360 had to say about the matter:

Although we can’t comment on gold specifically, we’re always exploring new materials and we intend to provide Moto 360 in a selection of styles in the future.

It would make sense for Motorola to consider more editions of its popular wearable, since it’s already having issues keeping could run as much as $US5000, so let’s hope that if Motorola does continue with these golden ideas, it’s just the colour they will be copying and not the price.

It also makes sense because, y’know, it’s gold.

In the end, it’s uncertain if a gold Moto 360 is coming our way, or if all of this is just an unfortunate mixup, but as is the case with most disappearing acts, they always tend to reappear in the end. [Reddit via Android Police]

Second image by Android Police