Study The Science Of Shots With A Chemistry Set For Your Bar

Study the Science of Shots With a Chemistry Set For Your Bar

When you think about it, is there really much difference between someone with their PhD in chemistry and a bartender? Both are probably dealing with a crippling mountain of debt, both concoct solutions and mixtures, and both are hoping for a positive reaction. So why wouldn't a mixologist feel right at home serving hooch in this chemistry set for booze?

It wonderfully complements that chemistry set spice rack, or serves as a suitable alternative if you're more comfortable cooking up cocktails rather than food. For just shy of $US50 it includes nine one-ounce test tube shot glasses, three 60mL flask shot glasses, a large 295mL flask bottle, a glass swizzle stick and a matching serving tray.

Everything short of the chemicals needed for your bartending experiments. [Perpetual Kid]

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