Soup Up Your GoPro With New GoPole Accessories

Soup Up Your GoPro With New GoPole Accessories

Everyone seems to have a GoPro these days. The thing about a GoPro, though, is that you have to have a bunch of goodies to make the best use of it. New mounts, selfie sticks, carry cases — everything comes in handy at least once on a holiday or day out.

I go for a walk around Circular Quay and the Opera House most days before lunch, and I honestly don’t think I’ve gone a day of walking without seeing at least one GoPro on the end of a selfie stick or on a helmet in the middle of a Segway tour. GoPro’s own accessories list is massive, but there are a bunch of third parties that make some nice stuff.

In this big line-up of GoPole kit above, there’s one particular thing that looks really cool — it’s the Scenelapse, a $49.95 motorised timelapse base. Set the rotation distance — up to 360 degrees — and set the amount of time over which you want the rotation to run — up to 60 minutes — and attach your GoPro, then voila — instant time-lapse video or sequential photos.

Less sexy, but just as functional, is the Arm. It’s a $34.95, two-piece extension kit that eliminates the issue I’ve often had, where you’ve got a GoPro and you’ve got a mount, but that combo doesn’t quite get the creative angle you’re after. It’s hinged in the middle, too, so you can either shorten the entire setup or get a crazy forwards or backwards angle for your shot.

They’re all surprisingly well made, too — I’m keen to give them a go and see if they stand up to the punishment you’d expect to put a GoPro through. If you’re a simple traveller, or if you’re into more serious filmmaking, GoPole’s accessories are worth checking out. [GoPole]