So, Optus Sold A Few iPhones Today, Huh?

So, Optus Sold A Few iPhones Today, Huh?

It seems like everyone in Australia went out to buy an iPhone today. Official counts of the numbers of Apple’s latest smartphone handsets sold are still yet to appear, but sources have told us that at least one telco has exhausted its stocks. Optus sold an insane amount of iPhones over the first few hours of this morning.

According to our source, a grand total of 10,000 iPhone 6 handsets were sold by Optus in the first three hours of today. 2500 of those were iPhone 6 Plus handsets, of which Optus is entirely sold out until further stock arrives through Apple.

Would You Line Up For A New Phone?

Although it’s likely that Telstra sold more — purely by the weight of its larger share of Australia’s mobile phone market — and it’s entirely possible that Apple sold more outright, these are some pretty impressive numbers. Taking $1125 as the average retail price for the iPhone 6 Plus, and $999 for the iPhone 6, that’s a total of $10.3 million in sales for Optus.

By all accounts, the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are pretty impressive pieces of technology. The 6 Plus is super-thin, with curved edges on its 5.5-inch glass face, and a genuinely innovative “Reachability” mode which moves icons halfway down the phone’s screen when the Home button is tapped twice, letting users reach everything with a thumb when holding it one handed. [Optus]