Short Film: A Zombie Apocalypse Might Actually Be Pretty Fun

Short film: A zombie apocalypse might actually be pretty fun

TV shows like The Walking Dead make the zombie apocalypse look like a soul evaporating place because the characters enjoy making dumb decisions. Zombie movies like 28 Days Later make it look terrifying because of the constant state of panic. But what if the zombie apocalypse was actually... fun?

Don't get me wrong, the zombie apocalypse here is stil not a beach party but this short by Matt Devine for Boost Mobile and The Monkeys agency called Shopping in a Zombie Apocalypse makes zombie life seem a lot more manageable.

You can play music! You can roller skate! You can post updates to your social networks! And after you smash all the heads of zombies like a real life video game, you can casually shop with your girlfriend for free. I don't know, it all sounds pretty fun to me.

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