Samsung Is Losing The War For Australia's Dollars As New Players Gain Ground

Australia loves its Android phones, especially those made by market-leader Samsung. But is the gadget giant losing ground? New figures say yes, and see players like HTC and other entrants gaining precious market share.

Numbers provided to our sister site, Business Insider in an emailed statement from Kantar Worldpanel, one of the world’s leading authorities on smartphone and telco market share, show the scope of Samsung's problem.

In the quarter-ending July 2013, Samsung held 43.2 per cent of Australia's smartphone market in its hands. Figures showing the lay of the land for quarter-ending July 2014, however, show a backslide in the South Korean gadget giant's grasp on the Australian market. It dropped 2.6 percentage points off its market share, down from 43.2 per cent to 40.6 per cent in just 12 months.

The numbers show that new players in the market are taking the market share away from Samsung, with phones from Other manufacturers increasing from 4.3 per cent in the quarter-ending July 2013 up to 8.7 per cent in the quarter-ending July 2013.

The entry of Chinese manufacturer like Huawei, Oppo and ZTE appears to have shown the market that users don't have to pay upwards of $800 for powerful smartphones in 2014.

The figures also demonstrate a meaningful uptick in HTC's numbers, with the Taiwanese vendor improving its standing from 7.3 per cent of the market to 7.8 per cent in just 12 months. The rise is clearly off the back of a simplified devices strategy being pushed by the financially troubled vendor in phones such as the HTC One M8 and One Mini 2.

Even Samsung's bitter rival, Apple, is gaining ground; albeit in smaller numbers than Cupertino might like. Apple increased its share from 26.9 per cent in 2013 to 27 per cent in 2014.

Samsung's decline comes after an intensive marketing campaign pushing Samsung's Galaxy S5 and a new range of wearable gadgets.

It's unclear whether the release of two new Galaxy Note devices with luxury partnerships from the likes of Mont Blanc and Swarovski will arrest the fall, but with today's release of the iPhone 6 Plus — a 5.5-inch smartphone aimed squarely at Samsung's class-leading phablets — the manufacturer will likely be in for a smartphone market biff Down Under.



    They'd probably regain some of that if they held back on touchwiz a little

      Agree with this. Touchwiz is so frustrating to use. Can't change apps in the dock, can't move icons around on home screen with long press, also after the android 4.3 update screwed my phone with performance and battery issues, decided to put CyanogenMod on my GS3. Now consisting nexus for vanilla android.

        But you can change the apps in the dock. That update was released months ago.

          Strange, I updated to 4.3 on my Samsung GS3, and still couldn't do it. Had to use an alternate launcher to swap apps in the dock.

      Yes, I was thinking that this could be affected by phones with less intrusive operating systems. I've had to use a Samsung phone only twice and pretty briefly (to set up my in-laws phones), but I found them difficult to navigate and confusing in general.

        i find them the opposite, but i started back with a the first Galaxy S.
        actually find them logical to use and i love having the three buttons at the bottom of the screen for navigation. but hey, its just what people are used to i guess.

        touchwiz has never really bothered me that much, but i would be keen for a stripped back version of Android and give it a go.

          Yeah, given that I was only trying to do individual tasks and had no vested interest in understanding it (weren't my phones) I found it hard. But I'd probably get it if I spent more than 5 minutes on it. Also, I'm an iOS user but am going to be going (plain) Android in the next month or so.

      I love my S5, best phone I ever had but this was after I disabled a litany of Samsung bloatware and changed the launchers and lockscreens from the default Samsung stuff. Still irks me that so much of my beautiful beast is bogged down by (disabled) apps and services that I can't remove without flashing (which i don't want to do this early into the phones life).

      I also think Samsung would be doing better if their wearables were priced a bit better and weren't locked to Samsung's only. Before I got my pebble, I'd have loved a Galaxy Gear to go with my (then phone) HTC. Now I have a pebble which is inexpensive and great and have no desire to go for an overpriced Gear with a shittier battery life and less apps.

    Kantar Worldpanel is only a consumer survey extrapolated to give an estimate of market share.
    No sample size or other details are ever given.

    I really doubt the accuracy of these survey's. I doubt they are even close to actual sales.

      Completely agree, can't take this article seriously without seeing the sample size. (That's the first thing I looked for).

      With such minor movements in % points over a small sample size - this means nothing. We also have no visibility into the sample method. Did they do all of their sampling within 2meters of an Apple Store or a Samsung store? or did they just sample a group of school kids in a certain suburb with greater propensity to purchase a more affordable phone?

      I suggest taking greater care in publishing these figures without showing the information about collection data. I'm also assuming, you've checked this data first (but forgot to publish it) before publishing it to us? I'm going to throw the term Journalism due diligence out there.

      Last edited 21/09/14 11:02 am

    sadly samsung has reached its peak in terms of its design etc.
    I owned the note 2, (which NEVER got updated through auto updates, I ended up rooting it after everyone else in the world got 4.3 and australia got nothing.

    I then got a note 3. and realized that in terms of functionality, speed and design it was a very small step and not worth the premium. And again the lack of updates, and then when the update came I heard too many issues about battery and SD card issues. so it still has 4.3 on it, and i've disabled updates.

    Fast forward to today the note 4 is coming, and offers nothing of great change, and isn't worth my cash. the design and specs aren't that much better really. samsung have also made far too many models and its muddled its market it releases phones too close together.

    and Android as an O/S has became stagnant. its kinda like where apple was when they released the 4 and 4S that was a disaster, and its when SANE people realized the phone wasnt getting better.

    Nokia and windows 8.1 is looking pretty cool, its still a little immature, but I'm hearing good things. I think a 5.5" windows 8.1 will be my next purchase

    Last edited 20/09/14 12:56 pm

      That's a bit strange you missed the the note 2 4.3 update, I got it , personally I think the note is still good ,if not the best device , on the market, however the slice of the market share was always going to get smaller as more phone makers add to the growing list of devices to choose from.

        i have the note2 update waiting on my phone for a few months now, did you do it ? if so is it as bad for the phone as people say it is?

          The 4.3 update is terrible.
          However, my Note 2 had an OTA update about 2 or 3 months ago to 4.4.2, which is fantastic. :)

            My note2 only says 4.3 available. Do you have to get 4.3 before 4.4.2? My note2 is an unlocked model.

              Yes, it has to have them in sequence. I do not know if 4.4.2 will be available for you as well though; I bought my phone through Kogan, and it would've originally been intended either for Europe or South America (the install language was Spanish).

    In Spain and Turkey Samsung seems bar far the most popular phone type... Arab/Persian people seem to love them a lot too.

    Last edited 22/09/14 5:29 pm

    I am thinking my next phone might be the next Nexus, Samsung haven't impressed me in the last couple of years, while I like my S4, it isn't that much better than my S3, and I have played with an S5 and it didn't have much over the S4 worth my money.

    When they announce the Nexus 6 or Nexus X whatever they are calling it (apparently Nexus 5 2014 is also a possible name) I will see if it will be worth upgrading to it.

    A mate of mine has the Sony Android, 5"

    It seems like a very nice phone, pity their market share is not increasing, seems like Sony is putting some great effort into their Android phones. The UI also looked close to the original Android UI as far as I could tell. Being iOS myself it probably doesn't count for much, but he reckoned it was clean and streamlined versus other Android manufactures, referring to TouchWiz and HTC Sense.

      Yeah, I own the Z, beautiful phone, reliable, and actually somewhat durable. I know when the Z3 is released I'm going to snap that up like a fat kid at a cake sale at brumbys

      I've got the Z2. Even though Sony is releasing phones every 6 months, mine is still great. After the disaster of the LG 4X HD I had which became a sloth about 3 months after getting it, the Z2 still rocks with speed 6 months later and will still be a powerhouse for the next couple of years before my next upgrade. What's more, Sony cares (unlike LG) - they send out regular firmware updates.

      What I don't understand from the table is that there are still BlackBerry buyers, and their market share increased. They must be corporate buys, forced onto users.

    I own a galaxy tab 8.9 and a galaxy note 10.1(2012) and both devices have had awful after sales support. Add to that my notes final update appears to be Jelly bean 4.2 with no news of a kit Kat break for it and I find it sad. Plus touchwiz interferes with any keyboard except Samsung's repulsive one by blocking the return key with the windowed task launcher(the reason why I bought into it, as well as built in Photoshop touch) and over the 18 months of owning it, I am finding it more frustrating and longing for an Xperia tablet. Oh and its uuuuugly

    Samsung would sell more Galaxy S5's and Notes if they would just stop stuffing the devices full of absolutely useless bloatware.

    Worse still you cannot uninstall most of the this crapware and can't even disable half of it.

      And if they actually updated their previous flagship devices rather than ignore them in favour of their new high end models. That's what moved me away from Samsung and all others who have the very same problem and are unnecessarily overpriced. I don't mind touchwiz but want updates on a timely manner and for 2 years.

        My s4 is as up to date as I need? S3 could be getting android L too. I agree it would be great, but most times there is no realy HUGE need to get the latest version of android, the one you got works fine.

        I have disabled over half of the samsung bloat you talk of, phone is fine. I think people have this preconception that samsung phones are crap because they have so much bloat in them, which is true, but most of it is off when you open the box, only the display models have it all on. Who uses hand gestures anyway, turn it off and problem solved!

          S3 could be getting android L too
          Not sure where you're getting this info from as they havent released KitKat for the S3 (my wife has the 2GB RAM model and is still on 4.2.2). If this is true then that will be great but Samsung have a track record so there is zero expectation that this will happen.

          but most times there is no realy HUGE need to get the latest version of android, the one you got works fine
          Newer Android versions resolve security flaws. Android 4.4.4 prevents the heartbleed security issue. So yes it is actually a huge need. Security updates (if not new feature enhancements) should at least be pushed through by Samsung.

          samsung phones are crap because they have so much bloat in them, which is true, but most of it is off when you open the box, only the display models have it all on
          The bloat is Touchwiz itself. A brand new Samsung Galaxy S3 takes up to 2 seconds to unlock with a swipe. Why? Its not the apps, its the Samsung UI itself that does this. Compared to a Nexus which is instant because there is no crappy UI slowing it down.

          I also have a Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet which is stuck on 4.2.2. The 4.4 update was released to the UK but for some reason Samsung AU wont release it here. I'd have to hack my tablet to install it forcefully. Not fair and no explaination as to why we dont get it here. I suspect because we're a small customer base in AU and they dont want to invest the time and money in development and post support for it when they have a new device coming out every bloody six months. Hence they reason why I've moved away from them.

        I agree. I bought a Galaxy Tab 3 in September last year. Kit Kat was released the following month, in October (and I dare say that Samsung had access to the code well before release). 11 months later and still no update for my Tab 3. I complained to Samsung customer service. The nicest thing that I can say about the reply is that it is pitiful.

    I'm on my 3rd, or maybe 4th HTC (lost track). Compared to Samsung phones, they are solid, well-built and, to my eye, have much nicer designs. HTC has done particularly well with the One M7 & M8.

    Last edited 21/09/14 2:09 pm

      I R8 the M8 G8 phone, so don't H8, apreci8 the L8 entires, good deb8 though.

      Loose the bezel and I might actually buy one! Oh and that

    Always use to buy Samsung phones but the phone i have now is the LG G2. Both the G3 and Note 4 has tempted me but i'm seriously thinking of getting the Motorola X ( second gen )
    Thats the excellent thing about liking android, there is so many choices of top shelf phones.
    I can see Samsung doing better business next year when they release their folding phones.

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