Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Note Edge: Australian Pricing, Dates

Tonight's the night. Samsung has officially introduced its long-awaited Galaxy Note 4 smartphone, the novel Galaxy Note Edge, and a swathe of wearables. Here's how much they all cost and when you can get them in Australia.

We're at the local launch now, but we know you want to skip straight to the important info, so no mucking around. Australian pricing for the Note 4, one of the biggest smartphone announcements of the year -- literally -- is now confirmed. We also have pricing for the Note Edge, and Samsung's new wearables including Gear S, Gear Circle, and Gear VR.

Here it all is:

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will go on sale on October 29 in Australia, from Samsung's Experience Store and all the usual telcos, for a RRP of $949. There'll be a pre-sale from October 15.

The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, the curved-screen premium handset, will go on sale at "leading retailers" again -- as well as directly through Samsung at its Experience Stores -- for a $1249 RRP.

The Samsung Gear VR, which is a weird virtual reality headset a la Oculus Rift, will go on sale through Samsung and partners alike in November for $249. At the moment, there's no specific release date.

On the two other Samsung wearables being launched today, here are the details. The Gear S is Samsung's curved screen watch running Tizen (not Android Wear), and it'll be out in November for $449. The Gear Circle, a wraparound stereo Bluetooth headset, will be out at the same time for $179.



    Why is the GearVR Freakin' $249?!

    As far as I can tell, it's an inert piece of plastic!

      There's an Oculus motion sensor in there too, Bluetooth radio, and a touchpad & button on the side. But nothing worth even close to that price.

    Bah! you got my hopes up starting the article with:
    "Tonight’s the night. Samsung has officially introduced its long-awaited Galaxy Note 4 smartphone"

    I really want the edge but i wonder how ist going to handle the drop tests with that edge?

      I don't see the extra real-estate being of any use any time soon.
      By the time there's anything actually useful to throw on the side of the screen, there'll be a Galaxy Edge 3.

      EDIT: Not at all saying don't get it or you're an idiot for getting it or anything derogatory, that's just my reasoning for not purchasing one myself. I'd rather wait it out and see where things go.

      Last edited 23/09/14 6:31 pm

        i agree about the edge, same deal as the watches. definitely waiting for at least an iteration or two before considering it.

    Personally, the Edge feels like a gimmick and I just can't see it taking off as a hit. It wouldn't surprise me if in a year or so it hasn't picked up support and gets relegated to the we tried pile. To be fair, most people thought that of the original Note, and it's now one of the big sellers so only time will tell!

    It makes me laugh to see the price though, all the people going on about the iPhone 6 pricing, will be interesting to see if the same response comes through for this phone! (Yes I know spec wise it knocks the iPhone out of the water, but it's not all specs etc etc)

      As I said in another post, I just ran Geekbench 3 on my iPhone 6. It returned a single core score of 1633 and a multi-core score of 2930. The only Android device (phone or tablet) that beats those scores is the nVidia Shield. The S4 and alleged scores for the S5 are well behind. Spec's are not everything!

        True specs are not everything but that also applies to bench tests.
        Personally I like the idea of the edge and I think it will be a great device, however that being , said I'm thinking 1200 bucks is a lot of spondooly for some people , and I suspect this might be beyond a lot of people's budgets, i would imagine the I phone 6+ to be in the same boat.

      Agree about the edge, just don't see a practical use for it.
      Don't agree with you about the pricing, apple phones are expensive, there really is no getting around that fact.

        Really? As noted in the article above, the Note 4 Edge will retail for $1249.00, which is the same price as the top tier 128GB iPhone 6 Plus... How can you say Apple phones are expensive but allude to the price for this being OK? I don't understand. Yes, the iPhone 6 is expensive, but so is this!

    Wonder what Telstra will be charging on plan for them

      I hope you were born with an extra arm and leg you don't need anymore

    Personally, I'm very, very annoyed that they are releasing this so late. Virgin have an offer of 2gb extra on all plans until the 19th of October, and unless they offer preorders, that rules out the Note. Seriously disappointed in that - I may just end up getting an iPhone.

      wow that's not cutting your nose of to spite your face at all....

        Well, I have been seriously considering the iPhone for a while now. I said that personally one of the only things keeping my from at least TRYING one for a few years was the lack of a decent-sized screen.

        And ultimately, it's only for a few years at most, or less if I decide to sell it and buy another phone outright. Of course, after this whole bending debacle, I'm re-considering it quite a bit...

    Can someone explain the point of the curved edge? What sort of case could you buy for it? If you dropped it i think i would be prone to bigger damage...

    I've read the U.S. price for the Galaxy Note 4 off-contract is $700-829. $949 in Aus is a little rich (even a little better $899 would of enticed more) but I guess it's better than the U.S. vs Aus iPhone 6 plus 128gb price of $949 for U.S and $1249 for Aus. (and yes the currency difference and GST doesn't make up all the difference for the iPhone)
    The iPhone 6 plus is out of stock in all the shops in Aus near me until mid October. So I think if Samsung is serious about trying to win over some of the iPhone crowd they should release the Galaxy Note 4 on the 17th like the U.S. The 29th is too late! I'm an iPhone 5s user wanting the iPhone 6 plus but am equally interested in the Galaxy Note 4. $1129 for the 64gb 6 plus or $949 for the Note 4. It'll come down to which one I can get first. Guess where the 4 week delay for the iPhone 6 plus released on the 19th September comes to? Exactly the 17th of October aka the U.S. release date for the Note 4! Samsung is shooting themself in the foot releasing it on the 29th of October in Aus! I hope a Samsung boffin reads this.

      Samsung does not have that much common sense to look for the opportunities in release and availability dates in various marketsacross the globe.

        I stand corrected, looks like Samsung is finally catching on:

          True specs are not everything but that also applies to bench tests.
          Personally I like the idea of the edge and I think it will be a great device, however that being , said I'm thinking 1200 bucks is a lot of spondooly for some people , and I suspect this might be beyond a lot of people's budgets, i would imagine the I phone 6+ to be in the same boat.

          I read an article earlier today saying the biggest of Korea' s telcos has already sold out with pre orders for the note4, it will be I interesting to see how goes as t he month goes on. .

      I don't think the couple of hundred thousand people (number pulled out of my ass) waiting for iPhone 6 Plus stock will actually go out and buy a Note 4 if it is released here a week before. How many of those people are on the fence and are just looking for a giant phone, regardless of which one it is?

    Thinking of getting an LG G3 at the moment, buying a new phone shouldn't be such a big decision

      I think the Note 4's battery life will be significantly better than the G3.

      I'm in precisely the same position, actually - was stuck between 6 Plus, Note 4 and G3. Went and had a play with the iPhone the other day and don't think it's for me (well not for the price it's at, anyway)

      I looked really hard at the G3 because I was trying to nut out why it's so *affordable* - and it (appears, at least) that the compromises are in build quality, camera quality (not by much) and battery life.

      Build quality and camera are rather important to me - so unless Google release something that blows everyone's mind - I think I'm on the train to noteville (as opposed to nopeville - see what I did there? SEE?!?!)


        I went into Telstra today and ended up changing over to them on a BYO plan and then will upgrade to the phone on contract once the Notes arrives and had a look at the G3, was alright but glad I didn't get it, just didn't like some things about it and I know it sounds picky and shouldn't play into the decision really, but I couldn't keep scrolling through my pages, when it was on page 1 I couldn't just flick right to get to page 4 and for some reason that just frustrates me. I put my name down for the Note Edge, so unless the next Nexus is amazing I will be getting a Note

    Has Jony Ive lost the 'Edge' to Samsung?
    The Note 4 is absolutely beautiful and I wonder why Apple's engineering team couldn't muster up something as well executed as this.
    The only problem - Touch Wiz is still an overlay so like all company-made Android phones, it's going to take a while for the OS to be updated to the latest and greatest.

    The note edge Mmmmm, if it will do one thing I'm happy.
    If when you open contacts, a-z is on the edge is I stop dialing people in "A". Then it's a winner for me. Icing will be F1 updates scrolling across the edge live.
    Just wish it came left handed!

      The image at the top shows the screen flipped, looks to me you can just flip it around and use it the other way, yes the buttons are at the top but at least the edge is on the left.

    MASSIVE screen.

    Sheep...Pah, they're just copying Apple!

    For those who haven't used a Galaxy note before, it's important to note when comparing with an Apple 6+ or other big screen phones - The Galaxy note isn't just a big screen phone, theres alot of specific software integrated to take advantage of the extra screen estate

      And S-pen, and Samsung VR... these are the things that make me slightly interested in a Note 4, and not other phablets.

    seriously 1295.00. looks nice but the price of the edge is way over price .1295.00 samsung have got to be kidding themselves .totally ripping the aussie market off .considering it will be obsolete in 12 months .will go with the sony Z3 or LG G3 when it comes out

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